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June 03, 2019: CAC Summer Camp Winners

Chicagoland Autism Connection says Congratulations again to all of our 2019 Summer Camp Scholarship winners who attended our ice cream social today!
A special Thank You to Shawn Michelle Homemade Ice cream for allowing us to host this function in such a great establishment. CAC would also like to thank our chair and co-chair Lashan Harrell and Jessica Faulkner for their hard work on this initiative!!

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Summer Camp Scholarship Winners.   

Chicagoland Autism Connection (CAC) would like to announce the winners of our 2019 Summer Camp Scholarships designed to help families offset cost for camp this summer!

The winners were selected based on the application essays or picture stories on why the applicant wants to attend Summer Camp. Some applications were rejected for failure to complete the entire application but we hope to offer this again next year!

A special thank you to our co chairs, Ms. Shea Harrell and Mrs. Jessica Faulkner!

A special invitation will be sent to our winners with instructions on where and how they can pick up their award in the next few days!

$200 Winners
1. Beth K
2. Sylvia Carter S
3. Carrie T
4. Joe C
5. Letia K , Brent Symone Letia

$100 Wimners
1. Jacqueline Hallom P
2. Sandra H
3. Erica Campos
4. Elaine R , Elaine H
5. Sri C
6. Susan
7. Christina V
8. Sonja Abrams W

Congratulations! to all of our winners!!!

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